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Marlene's Sapphire and Diamond Emblem Brooch
Bette's Sapphire Teardrop
Dietrich's Conversation Piece (Pin/Pendant)
Dietrich's Aquamarine and Diamonds
Bergman's Diamond Blossoms Earrings
Stanwyck's Sapphire Splash
Garbo's Elegant Diamond
Dietrich's Expressive Diamond
Lana's Cognac Heart Ring
Lana Turner's Sunburst Earrings
Dietrich's Ruby and Diamond Classic
Lombard's Swinging Emerald
Garbo's Champagne Diamond
Ginger's Stunning Marquise
Ginger's Singular Sensation Earrings
Betty's Diamond Flowers
Lana's Chartreuse Stunner
Shearer's Pink Diamond
Esther's Champagne Diamond
Grable's Olive Stoned Ring
Lake's Diamond Flower
Bergman's Farewell Bracelet
Harlow's Sexy Emerald
Bette's Foxy Diamond
Ginger's Pink and White Bauble
Harlow's Purple Passion
Dietrich's Sinful Lavender Sparkler
Deborah's Ultimate Diamond Bracelet
Stanwyck's Elegant Diamond
Deborah's Diamond to Remember
Garson's Pave Diamond
Grable's Fabulous Emerald Moon
Grable's Fancy Blue Diamond - BIG!
Lombard's Pretty In Peach Ring
Dietrich's Sinful Diamond Earrings
Claudette's Canary Stunner - BIG!
Bette's Diamond Mosaic Ring
Harlow's Octagon Diamond
Claudette's Amethyst Adventure - BIG!
Shearer's Totally Fascinating Marquise
Bergman's Triumphant Ring
Bette's Ravishing Ruby
Betty's Love You Back Bracelet
Harlow's Diamonds on Diamonds
Jeanette's Very Merry Ring
Bergman's Diamond and Pearl Triumph Necklace
Garbo's Diamond Accent
Stanwyck's Forever Diamonds
Lana's Elegant Diamond Raindrops
Eva Marie Saint's Classic Ruby Pendant
Edna Goodrich's Diamond Bow Pin
Loretta's Elegant Diamond Earrings
Irene Dunne's Golden Sapphire Ring
Colbert's Extravaganza Bracelet
Lana's Delectable Diamonds
Joan's Diamond Stackable Band
Deborah's Golden Shield Earrings
Claudette's Yellow Diamond
Lana's Sweet Diamond Ring
Lana's Headline Sapphire
Myrna Loy's Libelous Diamond Earrings
Bergman's Star Quality Pendant
Stanwyck's Pink Mystery
Elsa's Bracelet
Paulette's Royal Diamond Bracelet
Grable's Diamond Sparklers
Lana's Sapphire and Diamond Earrings
Natalie's Ruby Earrings
Norma's Diamond Necklace
Vivien's Amethyst Pendant
Norma's French Pearl Ring
Greer Garson's Amber Sunset
Stanwyck's Champagne Forever Ring
Alice Faye's Amethyst Dream
Lake's Diamonds in Platinum
Harlow's Sapphire Seduction
Natalie's Ruby and Diamond Ring
Bette's Canary Treasure
Dietrich's Emerald Forest
Lombard's Sunburst  Canary Diamond Ring
Harlow's Diamond in the Round
Myrna Loy's Sunburst
Dietrich's Champagne Slip-On
Harlow's Diamonds at Dusk
Bergman's Unique Diamond Ring
Bette's Antique Ring
Jeanette MacDonald's Fire Diamond
Ginger's Pink Ice
Lana's Sapphire Blossom
It's Back!! - Valentino's Timeless Timepiece
Lombard's Sapphire Deco Pin
Bergman's Classic Sapphire
Bette's Bedazzling Bracelet
Dietrich's Cognac Legend
Deborah's Opal Affair
Harlow's Sapphire Drops
Lana's Raindrop Set
Bette's Victory Ring
Bette's Timepiece
Bette's Dark Victory
Bette's Trophy
Deborah's Deco Diamond
Harlow's Sex Symbol
Harlow's Charming Marquise
Harlow's Pearl Dinner Ring
Claudette's Heiress Marquise - BIG!
Vivien's Scarlet Drops
Vivien's Diamond Desire Ring
Stanwyck's Aquamarine Number - BIG!
Natalie's Racy Black Diamond
Natalie's Gypsy Diamond Drops
Humphrey Bogart's Rubies
Paulette Goddard's Diamond Circle
Maureen O'Hara's Blue Miracle Topaz
Janet Gaynor's Canary Melody - BIG!
Grable's Springtime Rock
Fontaine's Champagne Mystery
Fontaine's Haunting Emerald
Lake's Ruby Red Kiss
Lombard's Champagne Wedding Ring
Lombard's Double  Banded Love Ring
Lake's Ruby Seduction
Lombard's Canary Pair
Lombard's Black Deco Premiere Ring
Dietrich's Golden Ruby Cross
Lana's Sweet Sensation
Dietrich's Morocco Diamond
Lana's Amethyst Breeze - BIG!
Bergman's Casablanca Rose-Cut  Diamond
Bergman's Saratoga Sapphire
Bergman's Aquamarine Award
Shearer's Ultra Chic Marquise
Bette's Blue Flower
Shearer's Padparacha Sapphire Ring
Ginger's Amethyst  Delight
Ginger's Dancing Diamond  - BIG!
Stanwyck's Deadly Diamond
Shearer's Poet Ring
Shearer's Diamond Swirl
Stanwyck's Breakfast Diamond
Shearer's Alexandrite
Natalie's Dome Ring
Harlow's Art Deco Ring
The Weekly Special - Claudette's Forever Ring
Grable's Glamour Girl  Ring
Harlow's Pearl Dinner Ring
Natalie's Sweet Sapphire
Dietrich's Black Angel
Lombard's Sky Blue Aquamarine
Natalie's West Side Story Pendant
Ginger's Significant Sapphire
Shearer's Seaside Agate
Stanwyck's Titanic Diamond
Dunne's Midnight Onyx
Dunne's Delectable Diamond
Dunne's Eternal Sapphire
Vivien's Southern Emeralds
Dietrich's Classic Cabochon
Dietrich's Stylish Emerald
Harlow's Sunset Padparacha
Bette's Deep Blue Sapphire
Grable's Bold Amethyst
Lombard's Champagne Spotlight
Audrey's Elegant Pearl Earrings
Bette's Star Attraction
Judy Holliday's Sky Blue Diamond
Bette's Quatro Diamond Ring
Deborah's Memorable Pearl Bracelet
Lana's Romantic Sapphire
Bette's Double Trouble Sapphire
Dietrich's Shining Star
Dietrich's Seascape Emerald
Dietrich's Cognac Bauble - BIG!
Vivien's Scarlett Hospitality Pendant
Bergman's Pink Brocade Earrings
Deborah's Diamond Droppers
Bette's Sunset Sapphire
Lana's Honky Tonk Earrings
Vivien's Diamond Cocktail Ring
Lana's Purple Passion
Harlow's Blue Cabochon
Dietrich's Heart Throb Diamond
Lana's Lavender Lovely
Clara Bow's Sunburst
Lana's Fiery Ruby
Jeanette MacDonald's Blue Angel
Ann Miller's Canary Classic
Agnes Moorehead's Sunset Sapphire
Lombard's Ruby Do Ring
Lombard's Champagne Toast - BIG!
Lombard's Star Sapphire Cabochon
Gene Tierney's Unforgettable Sapphire
Shearer's Classic Cognac Diamond!
Natalie's Diamond Jubilee
Claudette's Emerald Fancy
Eva Marie Saint's Ruby Mystery Ring
Bergman's Elegant Emerald
Lana's Diamond Classic
Bette's Royal Bracelet

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