Amethyst  - Birthstone for February

Amethyst - A Royal Gem

Amethyst, the birthstone for Feburary, has adorned rulers, priests and the wealthy since ancient and Biblical times. In purple shades ranging from lilac to deep violet, amethyst reflects the traditional colors worn by royalty.

The Hollywood Collection offers beautiful amethyst rings, perfect for February birthday gifts, or for a special Sixth wedding anniversary.

Ginger Roger's Amethyst Delight is a 24 cz ct emerald cut stone, in a wide gold over sterling silver setting ...

Betty Grable's Bold Amethyst is a princess cut 6.92 cz ct stone framed by ten clear cz diamond baguettes ...

Lana Turner's Amethyst Breeze is an 18.13 cz ct cabochon stone surrounded by 16 amethyst and diamond petals.

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Ginger's Amethyst  Delight
Ginger's Amethyst  Delight

HCR 151$70.00Ring Size: 
Grable's Bold Amethyst
Grable's Bold Amethyst

HCR 552$85.00Ring Size: 
Lana's Amethyst Breeze - BIG!
Lana's Amethyst Breeze - BIG!

HCR 346$85.00Ring Size: 

Hollywood Collection Stars born in February include Lana Turner (2/8). We send a Valentine thank you to Brad Lang for publishing the classic film birthday calendar @

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