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Here are copies of comments from our Yahoo Shopping customers who returned ratings forms, with photos and links to the items they ordered.

Purchased: Marilyn's Diamond Pendant
Rating: Excellent
I thought the collection was fabulous, and a very clever idea for those of us who just adore Hollywood's Golden Era. I also love the fact that I can have a "keepsake" (reproduction) of a piece of jewlery worn by one of my favorite movie stars. I've told all my girlfriends, my mother, grandmother, aunts, etc. about your website, and they intend on ordering "a special memory" from your company as well.
Miami, Florida, July, 2000

Purchased: Marilyn's Diamond Bauble
Rating: Excellent
[No comments]
Linda-a-Velha, Portugal, 7/11/00

Purchased: Lombard's Double Banded Love Ring, Ginger's Amethyst Delight (and many previous purchases)
Rating: Excellent
You all are SENSATIONAL!!! You make this emphatic classic movie fan feel very elegant wearing all your lovely creations! Makes me think of wonderful legends who first wore them! (Carole, Ingrid, Bette, etc...) Terrific job & service!!
North Carolina, 6/28/00

Purchased: Marilyn's Ruby Drops
Rating: Excellent
My sister loves the ruby earrings I gave her for her graduation!!! They really are stunning!
LIC, New York, 6/26/00

Purchased: Dietrich's Black Angel, Lombard's Double Banded Love Ring, Vivien's Diamond Desire Ring
Rating: Excellent
[No comments]
San Diego, California, 6/23/00

Purchased: Vivien's Diamond Desire Ring, Dietrich's Morocco Diamond
Rating: Excellent
Usually it takes some time to receive my order over here in Holland. But to my surprise (after a bad day at work!), I came home and there where my rings. Days before I expected them!! And as beautiful as ever.
The Netherlands, 6/10/00

Purchased: Gene Tierney's Unforgettable Sapphire
Rating: Excellent
My Gene Tierney ring is simply beautiful. I have gotten so many compliments on it. I cannot wait to order my next piece.
North Carolina, 6/9/00

Purchased: Harlow's Sex Symbol, Lombard's Canary Pair
Rating: Excellent
A wonderful surprise - the photos on the site do not do justice to the quality or beauty of the products. Just awaiting receipt of my second order and saving up for the next! Well done Elliot - you have beautiful products at realistic prices - thank you.
Birmingham, England, 5/18/00

Purchased: Elsa's Jet Set
Rating: Excellent
Fast delivery, fabulous product. Buy my gifts here.
San Jose, Costa Rica, 5/10/00

Purchased: Bergman's Aquamarine Award
Rating: Excellent
I love the Hollywood Collection movie star jewlery the quailty of the rings is great i own 5 rings and i get more complenments on them all the time i wish you would add more stars to the collection thanks again.
Massachusetts, 5/08/00

Purchased: Harlow's Sex Symbol
Rating: Excellent
The jewlery was beautiful I wouldn't hesitate to order anything for this collect. The delivery time was swift as well. Thank you.....
Portland, Oregon, 5/02/00

Purchased: Marilyn's Diamond Bracelet
Rating: Excellent
[No additional comments]
Belmont, Massachusetts, 5/02/00

Purchased: Vivien's Scarlett Drops, Humprey Bogart's Rubies
Rating: Excellent
Comments: I found them to be very professional and honest! The rings that I have ordered I have found to be very much better that I had at first feared. I think that they are worth slightly more than I paid. They are extrordinarly fine craftmenship. I am not ashamed in any way to give these as gifts. I only wish that their collection included more for men, so that I myself could enjoy wearing these wonderful pieces.
St. Charles, Missouri, 4/28/00

Purchased: Vivien's Diamond Desire
Rating: Excellent
Comments: I have been having wonderful purchasing experiences with The Hollywood Collection for over a year or two now and I have always found everyone I have talked with, including Elliot, to be of high integrity and friendly, helpful and professional in their service, even going to extra lengths to help me view their programming...The Hollywood Collection is superior in their quality of products. There have only been a few items that did not meet my expectations of interpretation of design of the individual personality's jewelry piece...and I have been treated with respect upon my returning the items. I cannot say enough about this wonderful company. Thanks to all at The Hollywood Collection for making my shopping with you satisfactory and happy experiences. All the best always.
Oklahoma City, OK, 4/8/00

Purchased: Harlow's sex symbol
Rating: Excellent
[No additional comments]
Cincinatti, OH, April, 2000

Purchased: Lombard's Sky Blue Aquamarine and Lombard's Double Banded Love Ring
Rating: Excellent
Comments: The "BEST" from the PRESIDENT, Mr. Abott to his "EXQUISITE JEWERLY". Absolutlety the greatest quality, workmanship, & "that personal touch" added by Mr. Abott to make sure that "THE CUSTOMER IS A HAPPY CUSTOMER".. I have personaly reccomended this site to over 11 friends who have in turn reccommended to another 15 . We all love to share this site. To who ever asks anyone of us, "Where did you get that ring.?" ...WE ALL LOVE IT.!!! Sometimes, I do carry my catalog, in case they want to see other rings, I can tell you it's very well worn.. The most surprised comment that I always get, is "That's NOT real, I thought it was"... They always say, "my goodness, it's nicer than some of the diamond rings that I have purchased." Yours sparkles so much more brightly... I tell them truthfully, it's costume. With what I pay for the costume one, rather than splurging on a real diamond, I can purchase 2-3 at the Hollywood Collection.. They sparkle so much, that I get so many compliments, & when asked how come they have never seen that one before, I ALWAYS smile & say, but you have.. In the MOVIES, they are duplicates... EVERYONE thinks that's a fun & wonderful idea. Then I go on to tell them about the Hollywood Collection. I always carry the site on me now, with so many asking, it just simpliflies things for me.. ALL I can say to Mr. Abott @ the Hollywood Collection is " THANK YOU." You have given us a lovely piece of history that still carries on today, & NOT just in the movies. A SPLENDID idea..A JOY to wear... from, A very Happpy & satisfied customer, Thank you, Ontario Canada, April 2000

Puchased: Bergman's Casablanca Diamond and Lombard's sky blue aquamarine
Rating: Excellent
[No additional comments]
Dorchester, NJ, 3/26/00

Purchased: Lana's Raindrop Set, Lombard's Double banded love ring
Rating: Excellent
Comments: great service!!!
Warner Oklahoma, 3/26/00

Purchased: Bette's Victory Ring
Rating: Excellent
Comments: My order was handled expertly and quickly. By using the Amazon billing, I was confident of my security. The quality of the rings that I got was excelent. I only wished that I could have bought the real rings! I understand that space was limited but your certificate was printed so small That it almost did not look real! The information was excelent, I'm sure that it will make a good gift for an old movie fan!
St. Charles Missouri, 3/21/00

Purchased: Lana's Sapphire Tears
Rating: Excellent
Comments: It was delivered in a very timely basis. The quality of the jewelry is incredible. I just wish they had more pieces to choose from. It would be nice if they had necklaces.
Rhinelander, WI, 3/12/00

Purchased: Bette's Quatro Diamond Ring, Marilyn's Choice
Rating: OK
Comments: I ordered 2 rings same size which are much nicer than I expected, however, one is much much bigger than the other and I can't be bothered with the hassle/expense of sending it back so will have to give it away to someone as a present.
Glasgow, Scotland, March 2000

Note from the Hollywood Collection: We wrote the customer and apologized for the mislabeling of the ring. Subsequently, we received the following letter from her ...
Thank you for taking the time and having the courtesy to reply to me so promptly about the problem I had with the mis-sized ring (Bette's Quattro Ring)...I am truly pleased with the other ring I received (Marilyn's Choice) and have had many many compliments about it! I would like to take you up on your kind offer of selecting another ring ...I will definitely be ordering some further "trinklets" from your great selection...Thanks and best regards.

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