Vivien's Amethyst Pendant

Vivien Leigh's Amethyst Pendant

Lucky Charm

Talk about a perfect love story, have you heard the one about Vivien Leigh and Sir Laurence Olivier. Well, here goes...... Vivien gets a small role in FIRE OVER ENGLAND (1937) and meets her favorite actor, Olivier, who has a slightly larger role in the film. They fall in love, in real life. Cut to Los Angeles where Laurence is filming WUTHERING HEIGHTS and Vivien pays a visit to the set. They both join Myron Selznick (his brother is David O.) for dinner and then visit the set of GONE WITH THE WIND on the backlot of MGM where David is conveniently burning Atlanta and searching for Scarlett in his spare time. Vivien gets the role and the Oscar and the rest is history. In a publicity photo Ms. Leigh wore this gorgeous amethyst pendant.

GEM: One 16x20mm Oval cut 19.47ct Amethyst CZ surrounded by 3 cts. of 12 round cut clear cz's set in Sterling Silver plated in Gold.

HCP 168$70.00

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