Norma's French Pearl Ring

Norma Shearer's French Pearl Ring

A Perfect Beauty

There are those who say that Norma Shearer's best role was being Irving Thalberg's wife, but we strongly disagree. Although we're sure we did that well, she also was adept at playing many different types of characters when called upon. Her appearances in THE DIVORCEE (1930), Noel Coward's PRIVATE LIVES and MARIE ANTOINETTE (1938) clearly demonstrated Ms. Shearer's formidable talents and her impeccable taste in jewelry. In MARIE ANTOINETTE she wore this beautiful pearl ring accented by diamonds.

GEM: 1 4.8 ct. 10 mm pearl surrounded by 12 clear round cut czs. Sterling silver and plated with gold.

HCR 022$70.00Ring Size: 

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