Harlow's Octagon Diamond

The Hollywood Collection's version of Jean Harlow's Octagon Diamond Ring

She knew all the angles

Jean Harlow was a true original. After marrying at 16, Jean and her 23-year-old husband moved to Los Angeles from Kansas City to start their new life. She soon got jobs as an extra in films and came to the attention of producer Howard ,who cast her in his version of HELL'S ANGELS. The rest, as they say, is history. She went on to appear in PLATINUM BLONDE and soon became the sex symbol we remember her as. In her short career she appeared in six films with Clark Gable and three with Spencer Tracy. Always in good company, her octagon cut diamond ring accompanied her often. Sizes 5-10.

JEWEL: One 12.49ct. Octagon cut clear CZ bordered with four clear tapered baguette CZ's set in sterling and plated with 14K gold.

HCR 174$70.00Ring Size: 

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