Lana's Headline Sapphire

Lana Turner's Headline Sapphire Ring

She Knew How to Live

Lana Turner moved to California around 1929 and in 1937 this "overnight success" landed a small role in A STAR IS BORN and never looked back. Her memorable performances in JOHNNY EAGER (1941), SOMEWHERE I'LL FIND YOU (1942) and WEEKEND AT THE WALDORF (1945) assured Ms. Turner of a place in Hollywood history, but it was her exciting personal life that kept her in the headlines. Often underrated as an actress, her performance in IMITATION OF LIFE (1959) dispelled any doubts as to her talent. In a publicity photo Ms. Turner wore this sparkling cabochon sapphire.

GEM: 1 7.63 ct. Oval Cabochon cut man made sapphire surrounded by 10 clear cz's. set in sterling silver and gold plated.

HCR 367$80.00Ring Size: 

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