Harlow's Diamond in the Round

The Jean Harlow 9.8 carat round-cut Diamond RingJean Harlow shows off her well-rounded diamond ring

A Well Rounded Girl

Jean Harlow, the sultry blonde who caused the term 'Sex Symbol' to be invented, had a short but full life. After being seen in a Laurel and Hardy short called 'Double Whoopee,' she went on to play a small role alongside Clara Bow in the 1930 film 'Saturday Night Kid' and never once looked back.

Her career included such wonderful films as 'Hell's Angels,' 'Red-Headed Woman,' and 'Red Dust.' Ms. Harlow died at the young age of 26 but left us memorable performances as well as some stunning jewelry.

Gem: One 9.8ct round cut clear cz center stone surrounded by 8 smaller clear czs. Sterling silver with rhodium plating.

HCR 640$65.00Ring Size: