Dietrich's Aquamarine and Diamonds

Marlene Dietrich's incredible Aquamarine and Diamonds Ring, from The Hollywood Collection
Marlene Dietrich and her amazing Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

Style Before All

Marlene's Aquamarine and Diamonds

Everytime we make a piece that Marlene Dietrich wore we're happy we did it. This time, however, we're REALLY happy. Ms. Dietrich was always a fashion leader as well as a trendsetter. In all of her films and photos her style was always evident. In one her many publicity photos we found her wearing this incredible square cut Aquamarine completely surrounded with diamonds and we just couldn't resist. You might not want to either.

JEWEL: 1 5.03ct. Square cut Aquamarine colored CZ. surrounded by 14 round cut clear CZ's and 2 square cut CZ's. Sterling silver and plated in Rhodium.

Star photo: Marlene Dietrich

HCR 642$85.00Ring Size: 

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