Jeanette MacDonald's Fire Diamond

The Jeanette MacDonald Fire Orange Diamond RingJeanette MacDonald understands the value of dramatic gesture, in 'Maytime'

Fiery Light

In Maytime, Jeanette MacDonald played an opera singer in love with her longtime partner, Nelson Eddy. In real life Ms. MacDonald was actually a very fine singer. Her long string of successful films with Eddy and the elegant Maurice Chevalier showcased her many talents. Films like Love Me Tonight, The Love Parade, Naughty Marietta and the classic San Francisco with Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy are part of her legacy, along with this incredible ring. It has an unforgettable center stone the likes of which we’ve never seen. A combustible mix of red and orange that’s sure to illuminate your hand.

Gem: one oval cut 8.16ct fire orange cz surrounded by 12 round cut clear czs.

HCR 660$70.00Ring Size: 
Our movie star jewelry photo:
Jeanette MacDonald understands the value of dramatic gesture, in 'Maytime.' The 1937 film, which promised moviegoers a story of 'Forbidden Love ... Fatal Consequences,' costarred Nelson Eddy and John Barrymore.

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