Grable's Fancy Blue Diamond - BIG!

The Hollywood Collection's version of Betty Grable's Fancy Blue Diamond Ring

Dancing with Diamonds

On December 18, 1916, in St. Louis, Missouri, Betty Grable's mother was sure she had given birth to a star. They soon headed for Hollywood to prove her right...and they did!! After hits like CONEY ISLAND (1943) and SWEET ROSIE O'GRADY (1943) Betty's star rose rapidly turning her into the highest paid actress in America earning an amazing $300,000 a year. Later that year she contributed mightily to the war effort with her famous pin-up shot that reminded servicemen everywhere what they were fighting for. In one of her many publicity photos she wore a magnificent fancy blue diamond ring. We're delighted to present you with the Hollywood Collection's version. Sizes 5-10.

JEWEL: 1 17.6ct light blue emerald cut stone adorned with 26 clear CZ's totaling .9cts. Set in sterling silver plated with Rhodium.

HCR 680$90.00Ring Size: 

Fancy Blue Diamond - Big! Size 5-8 HCR 680$90.00Ring Size: 

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