Myrna Loy's Antique Watch
14K Gold Selections
Academy Award Winners
Agnes Moorehead's Sunset Sapphire
Alice Faye's Amethyst Dream
Almost as Big!
Amethyst - Birthstone for February
And MORE Letters
And Still More Letters
Ann Miller's Canary Classic
Aquamarine - Birthstone for March
As Featured In Good Housekeeping
Audrey's Elegant Pearl Earrings
Ava Gardner's Purple Passion
Ava's Diamond Show Piece
BARBARA STANWYCK - square cut red corundum
BARBARA STANWYCK - Publicity Photo
Bergman's Aquamarine Award
Bergman's Casablanca Rose-Cut Diamond
Bergman's Classic Sapphire
Bergman's Diamond and Pearl Triumph Necklace
Bergman's Diamond Blossoms Earrings
Bergman's Elegant Emerald
Bergman's Elegant Emerald - Selected Sizes on Sale!
Bergman's Farewell Bracelet
Bergman's Pink Brocade Earrings
Bergman's Saratoga Sapphire
Bergman's Star Quality Pendant
Bergman's Triumphant Ring
Bergman's Triumphant Ring - Selected Sizes on Sale!
Bergman's Unique Diamond Ring
Bette's Antique Ring
Bette's Bedazzling Bracelet
Bette's Blue Flower
Bette's Canary Treasure
Bette's Dark Victory
Bette's Deep Blue Sapphire
Bette's Diamond Mosaic - Selected Sizes on Sale!
Bette's Diamond Mosaic Ring
Bette's Double Trouble Sapphire
Bette's Foxy Diamond
Bette's Pretty in Pink - Selected Sizes on Sale!
Bette's Quatro Diamond Ring
Bette's Ravishing Ruby
Bette's Royal Bracelet
Bette's Sapphire Teardrop
Bette's Star Attraction
Bette's Sunset Sapphire

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