Bette's Timepiece
Bette's Trophy
Bette's Trophy - Selected Sizes on Sale!
Bette's Victory Ring
Betty's Diamond Flowers
Betty's Love You Back Bracelet
Big Rings!
Birthstones and Anniversary Gifts
Cheerful Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Cheerful Chocolate Covered Pretzels - 12
Cheerful Chocolate Covered Pretzels - 24
Christmas Cream Cheese Cookies
Christmas Cream Cheese Cookies - 25
Christmas Cream Cheese Cookies - 50
Cinnamon Toast Chip Bars
Cinnamon Toast Chip Bars - 12
Cinnamon Toast Chip Bars - 24
Clara Bow's Sunburst
CLAUDETTE COLBERT - It Happened One Night (1934)
Claudette's Amethyst Adventure - BIG!
Claudette's Canary Stunner - BIG!
Claudette's Canary Stunner - Selected Sizes on Sale!
Claudette's Emerald Fancy
Claudette's Heiress Marquise - BIG!
Claudette's Yellow Diamond
Claudette's Yellow Diamond - Selected Sizes on Sale!
Colbert's Extravaganza Bracelet
Customer Comments and Warranty
Deborah's Deco Diamond
Deborah's Diamond Droppers
Deborah's Diamond to Remember
Deborah's Golden Shield Earrings
Deborah's Memorable Pearl Bracelet
Deborah's Opal Affair
Deborah's Pink Diamond Debut
Deborah's Ultimate Diamond Bracelet
Deco Is In
Diamond - Birthstone for April
Dietrich's Aquamarine and Diamonds
Dietrich's Black Angel
Dietrich's Champagne Slip-On
Dietrich's Champagne Slip-On - Selected Sizes on Sale!
Dietrich's Classic Cabochon
Dietrich's Cognac Bauble - BIG!
Dietrich's Cognac Legend
Dietrich's Conversation Piece (Pin/Pendant)
Dietrich's Emerald Forest

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