Stanwyck's Aquamarine Number - BIG!

Stanwyck's Aquamarine Number

Her Number Was Up

"A murder to be committed at 11:15. If something isn't done...
What was that? There's someone in this house. There's somebody coming up the stairs!"

Gem: 15.18 cz cts. Emerald-cut simulated aquamarine in a gold over sterling silver setting. Whole Sizes: 5-10

Barbara Stanwyck in
'Sorry, Wrong Number'

"Your Jewelry is ABFAB! The Barbara Stanwyck Aquamarine is so gorgeous. I wear it to work, and people think it's real. Believe me, I give everybody the URL of your site." ~ San Diego, California

AAR 022$70.00Ring Size: 

New - Ava's Show StopperNew - Ava's Show Stopper

This week's special from The Hollywood Collection - Ava Gardner's Show Stopper Ring!

HCR 204$90.00Ring Size: 

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